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About Us

Our background in Air & Ground cargo has assisted us in the Ocean cargo division. Although it may seem simple, this opportunity has allowed us to deal directly with our mainly, West Indian clients. This experience has also helped us to provide aid to those in need in the Caribbean through free or discounted shipments. We find great joy in seeing orphanages, churches, temples, mosques, schools, and senior homes receive their shipments.
We have revolutionized the ocean service by offering specials and discounts. For example, we offer two barrels to Guyana and Kingston for $100.00 CAD.
Our New York branch was the first Canadian company to invest in New York and The FMC confirmed this.
Thanks to our Caricom background, the Jamaican Government granted us a Shipping and Broker’s license, making us the first Canadian company to receive such an honor.
Our Guyana Warehouse continues to offer quality services for consignees and after 12 years no other international shipping company has been able to replicate our success.
We are grateful for the continued support and trust from our loyal customers. Thanks to you, we continue to grow and learn. To new customers, we invite you to come on board. We will impress you!

As you get ready for your shipments abroad, I ask you to remember:
• Who offers the most competitive prices?
• Who offers the prospect of safer shipments?
• Who offers the fastest shipment out of the warehouse?
• Who has the most professional and courteous staff in the shipping industry?
• Who is open 7 days a week for the convenience of customers?